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Treatment Under Sedation

Our onsite sedationist is Mr Mehdi Yazdi, by providing IV Sedation (single drug) he helps patients who are nervous about having dental and implant treatment under local anaesthetic (numbing injection).  It allows patients who generally would usually avoid dental treatment have quite complicated procedures performed without any upset.

IV sedation is when a sedative is injected and is a very effective and safe treatment when provided by a specially trained dentist.  Whilst sedated, you will feel deeply relaxed and comfortable but you will still be able to understand and respond to the requests of your dentist and/or seditionist. You will feel detached and unaware of the procedure and this form of treatment is ideal for patients who are anxious of the noise and vibration of the dentist’s equipment.

For patients with complicated medical histories we can also arrange for an Anesthetist to provide the IV sedation (multi-drug).

We can also take referrals from other dental practices for treatment under sedation.  If you wish to discuss your concerns or requirements please contact us to speak to one of our Treatment Coordinators.