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Dental Implants Price Promise

Stradbrook Implants has a highly experienced implant and restorative team, and we pride ourselves on the quality, predictability and longevity of our treatments.

To get the best possible results, we only use implant systems which have been tried and tested, and proven to have a good track record, combined with the latest technology and techniques.

Stradbrook Implants promise to match the cost of any UK based treatment plan (conditions apply*), but to do this we need to compare like with like. This means we need to:

  • Examine your teeth, gums and jawbone to ensure the planned treatment is practical and sensible.
  • Check that your quote includes using quality dental implant components delivered by companies with a proven track record, both for their technology and the strength of their business.
  • Be certain that the team delivering your care are comparably trained. Our team comprises four specialists with more than 100 years of experience placing many thousands of implants.

In most cases we offer a more cost effective treatment solution when compared to travelling abroad.

We also have expertise in rectifying failed or failing dental reconstructions, and members of our team teach at a major London University.


1. The patient must attend with a current individual plan no older than 4 months. Cost of consultation £74.

2. We need to review relevant x-rays either provided by the patient from previous practitioner or taken by us. Cost of digital low radiation panoramic x-ray £48.

3. The plan must be capable of meeting your stated aims and objectives of treatment - e.g. ʻI wish to have beautiful fixed teeth like I used toʼ. This can only be achieved with multiple implants and fixed bridge work.