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Dental Implant Aftercare

It is vital to take proper care of your dental implant and the area around it to avoid potential problems.

Immediately after your dental implant treatment

  • Until the anaesthetic has worn off, do not eat and only have cold drinks.
  • Avoid hot drinks and hot food for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not disturb the area with your tongue or fingers.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise such as running or going to the gym for the first 48 hours.
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke for at least two weeks, as it can significantly slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid chewy or hard foods, such as tough meat or crusty bread, for the first few weeks.
  • Try to keep food away from the implant area as long as possible. Rinse it after eating to help keep it clean.
  • On the evening of the treatment day, you can clean your teeth, but avoid the site around the implant. After a couple of days you can start to clean it gently. Warm salt water mouthwashes are helpful for the first week.
  • If we have given you anti-biotics, please finish the course.
  • You may have some swelling and/or bruising. This will start to ease after the first two days. Swelling can be reduced with ice packs - we recommend wrapping one in a towel, and holding it to the affected area for no longer than 10 minutes, with a 20 minute break in between.
  • You may have some pain for the first day or two - this can be relived by taking your usual over-the-counter pain-killers (eg paractamol or ibuprofen)
  • You may experience some bleeding. This is perfectly normal. If it persists apply gentle pressure with a damp, clean handkerchief or gauze for half an hour.
  • Your stitches will dissolve, but sometimes this can take 2-3 weeks. If they are bothering you please make an appointment with us so we can remove them.

On-going dental implant care

  • You need to take good care of your mouth to avoid any potential problems. This means following a good oral healthcare routine which includes:
  • Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day, especially at bedtime.
  • Cleaning between your teeth - we will advise you on the best method of doing this.
  • Using a mouthwash daily can be beneficial.
  • Avoid smoking if you can - smoking significantly increases the risk of gum disease, which could lead to inflammation and infection around your implant.
  • Avoid fizzy and/or acidic drinks, and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks to mealtimes only. This will help to avoid tooth decay - decay can cause inflammation or infection around your implant.
  • Visit us when recommended for your implant check-up appointments.
  • Visit your usual dentist and hygienist regularly.