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How To Choose Your Implant Team

As dental implants become more popular, there is an increasingly bewildering choice of practices offering implant treatment, making it difficult to choose which one to go to. To help you make a more informed decision, here is a guideline of what to look for.

Find someone that you like, get on well with, and respect. Good communication and understanding is essential to help you explain your aims and desires. At Stradbrook Implants, Kent, we aim to provide friendly, specialist advice and treatment.

Make sure the team has suitable experience. Research shows that experienced practitioners have greater success. You need to ask how many implants they have placed and restored, how often they place them, and where and how they were trained. Implant treatment requires specific training, only available after qualification as a dentist. Unfortunately, not all training is as in-depth as required. At Stradbrook Implants, our team have been placing implants since 1991. In that time we have replaced and restored over 12,000 implants. Our team has grown to include some of the most experienced implant experts from across Europe, USA and South Africa. Our team is regularly called upon by implant companies for teaching, surgical demonstrating and trouble-shooting.

Make sure the team you choose uses reputable implants from major manufacturers - this ensures that the materials are scientifically validated. Just as important, the manufacturer should have a good track record and be financially stable to help ensure you can get spare parts if they are ever required. The longer people have their implants, the more likely it is that wear and tear occurs. A new or repaired crown or denture may be needed, for example, and this will need to fit properly to the original implant. (It's a bit like having an old car that needs spare parts.) At Stradbrook Implants, we use only use implants from the major manufacturers, all of which have been manufacturing implants since the late 1980s. The manufacturers we use are Straumann, Nobel, Biomet 3i and Ankylos.

Ask how many implants the team performs each year. Stradbrook Implants have placed and restored over 550 implants in each of the last four years. In 2009, we opened our new state-of-the-art surgical centre so we could carry out more treatments, and shorten our growing waiting list.

How many years has the team been working with dental implants? The team at Stradbrook Implants has more than 100 years of experience between them! Our first patient was treated here in 1991 - she is still a patient of Stradbrook Dental, still happily smiling and chewing on her implant teeth.

Ask what sort of X-ray equipment the team have access to. Stradbrook Implants have a brand-new digital x-ray system that can take complex 3D x-rays, enabling us to plan and place implants far more accurately. We also have ultra-fast low-dose x-rays and imaging.

Ask how the team keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and whether they pass on these skills. At Stradbrook Implants, our team travel to all the major scientific meetings. We present lectures nationally and internationally, and public articles for other specialists and dentists.