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CBCT Scans

Stradbrook Implants are now able to take referrals for their state-of-the art dental Cone Beam CT scanning, giving practitioners far clearer images of patients' bone and nerve structures.

Our cone beam imaging system provides high resolution 3D images which are far superior to traditional 2D X-rays, enabling accurate implant planning and detection of problems such as vertical root fractures.

The scans have the clarity and detail to give accurate assessment of bone density and thickness at potential implant positions, and help the practitioner to avoid the nerves.

The scanner also offers extremely low radiation levels compared to others, due to the high accuracy and limited size of its scan capability.

We are also able to edit the results for you. Metal in the patient's mouth can cause a scattering of data, resulting in white or black streaks. Our editing software enables us to erase these streaks, together with the spinal column and other anatomy, providing you with a clear, easily readable image.

For practitioners who prefer to place implants themselves, we can also offer an implant planning service. This can save you valuable time and is often more economical, particularly for full arch cases.